death knell


It’s old news by now, but for once the internet isn’t on top of all the latest: Battenkill Ramblers are dead.

Thanks to everyone who has ever come to a show or bought a shirt or album or made us dinner or given us a bed or shared our music with a friend. (We still have a lot of those shirts and albums left by the way, so get ’em while we’re desperate to unload them…just email me at nicolettekyle AT yahoo DOT com.) We’ve had a lot of fun, and now we’re all going to go have different fun.  Maybe even similar fun. Only time will tell.

Expect to see the digital release of our most recently recorded (and still not mastered) album Small Time here in the next few months (I fucking hope). But don’t expect any more Battenkillers, for we are dead and gone.





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