shh, the ramblers are sleeping

In an attempt to get our damn album mixed already and spend time practicing and writing new songs instead of racing from one show to the next, we’ve cut down on live appearances and are busy trying to force our very busy and conflicting schedules into something like regular practice.  There are four new songs in the pot, simmering away, and hey, maybe by the time the new album is finally all mixed, we’ll have enough material to go back into the studio. HA.  Or something.

In the meantime, I’ve been writing a lot about music over on Book Punks, mostly in the form of SF Mix Tapes, or collections of songs about science fictional topics.  Check ’em out:

Ten Songs About the End of the World

Ten Songs About Robots

Ten More Songs About Robots

Music for People Who Like Science Fiction: Story Hour With John Darnielle

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