we went to ireland, and it was awesome

Battenkill Ramblers at Rock of Dunmasse in Ireland.

Battenkill Ramblers at Rock of Dunmasse in Ireland.

What a trip.  My brain is still processing all of the things we did and saw, the shows we played.

The journey started with a 3 am wake up and a really, really long drive across France to get on a boat that, after sixteen hours, would bring us to “Erin’s Green Shores.”  I loved that boat.  Anybody want to hire us to be a boat band?

We did some camping and looked at piles of old stones.  We brought postcard-perfect weather along with us and against all expectations, it only rained once, for like ten minutes, on our first morning.  The rest of the time it was all leprechauns and shamrocks and blue skies and beaches.  We drove across the country down windy, narrow roads (holy fuck, driving on the left!) and camped and drank Guinness and whiskey and I think it’s pretty safe to say a good time was had by all.

Our first Ireland show was in the pretty little town of Westport, where we had the most decadent, lovely band accommodations any of us have ever experienced.  Thanks so much to Uri, who put it all together and took such good care of us all.  We played in McGing’s that night and the next day had the luxury of exploring the town and drifting between sessions and shows and sights.  On Sunday we drove over to a little town called Castlebar where we played on 102.9 CRC Time After Time with Werner Lewon.  I love doing radio.  Brings me back to my college radio days.  That evening we played at Mannion’s Pub in Balla, which was a small but wonderful crowd, with more gobstoppingly wonderful band accommodations and hospitality.  Thanks and thanks and thanks to all the folks who made it happen!!!!

Next week we’ll be starting the next leg our of tour, with shows in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, and Holland.  If it’s even half as good as the Ireland trip was, we’re in for a fucking good time.


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